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Agricultural and Rural Development in China

Source: Date:2020-06-01

China, a nation with a profound culture and long history of farming, is a large agricultural producer, consumer and trader. The Chinese government is highly committed to agricultural, rural and farmer development and has kept the issues related to them (the Sannong issues) high on its agenda to address them well. Priority in state governance is attached to food security for its over 1 billion people, and unswerving efforts have been made to advance agricultural production, improve farmers' livelihood and promote rural stability and harmony. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, especially after the adoption of the reform and opening-up policy in late 1970s, China has stepped up the pace in agricultural and rural development, bringing about fundamental changes and historic achievements in the country.  

I. China is home to diverse agro-ecosystems 

II. China has rich agricultural resources but low per capita share 

III. China is a leading producer of major agro-products 

IV. China has made big strides in agricultural science and technology  

V. China has made remarkable advances in agricultural modernization      

VI. China has achieved decisive progress in pursuit of poverty eradication 

VII. China has started the rural vitalization strategy to address Sannong issues 

VIII. China has built up its unique set of policies 

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