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MARA Launches Pilot Projects on Standard-setting for Modern Agriculture

Source:MARA Date:2021-04-30

The MARA released a notice to launch pilot projects on standard-setting along the industrial chain to advance modern agriculture in China in late April, 2021.    

China will formulate or revise 200 standards under 30 systems or portfolios for agricultural chains during the 14th Five-Year Plan. A total of 300 modern agricultural parks or bases will be identified based on the evaluation on compliance for relevant agricultural standards, and 50000 training opportunities will be offered to improve compliance for standards. All these measures aim to cultivate a range of prestigious green and organic products or products with geographical indications, and form coordinated dynamics in agricultural standard setting. 

Highlighting high-quality in agricultural development, the pilot projects focused on improving agricultural quality, efficiency and competitiveness, prioritizing quality varieties or breeds, quality improvement, brand building, and standard-based production.  

The pilot projects are expected to build a group of agricultural parks or bases, cultivate a batch of brand products and model entities excel in featured agriculture.  

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