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China holds Agricultural Outlook Conference in Beijing

Source:MARA Date:2021-04-23

The 2021 China Agricultural Outlook Conference convened in Beijing on April 20, 2021. Vice Minister Yu Kangzhen addressed the Conference.   

The Conference released the China Agricultural Outlook Report (2021-2030). The Report summarized and reviewed the market situation of some major products and achievements in pig production recovery in 2020, and made projections on production, consumption and trade of major products in the next 10 years.  

It was noted at the conference that spring plowing has progressed well across China this year, demonstrating a steady increase in the planted acreage of both winter wheat and winter rape, and significantly rise in corn sowing acreage. Hog production has witnessed a sustaining recovery and the decline of pork price so far. As of June or July 2021, hog inventory is expected to return to as the scale as the end of 2017.    

The Report predicts that the supply of grain and major agricultural products will increase in 2021 in China with absolute security in staples food. Corn planting acreage will increase by over 4% and pork production will increase by approximately 20%. The prices of agricultural products are expected to maintain stable in general. For 2021-2030, China’s agricultural mix will be continuously optimized, and higher quality and efficiency in agricultural development will be delivered. The annual increase in corn, pork and dairy production will exceed 2%, and corn and soybean yields will rise significantly. In addition, China will take a more active part in international agricultural trade and will diversify its trade partners.   

The Conference emphasized that China still face increasing uncertainty in the agricultural market in domestic and abroad. The Conference called for improving monitoring, analysis and early warning systems for the agricultural market, and introducing innovative technologies in these systems.  

Tang Huajun, President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), delivered welcoming remarks at the opening ceremony. Carlos Watson, FAO China Representative, and Seth Meyer, Chief Economist of the United States Department of Agriculture, delivered speeches at the Conference.       

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