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2021 “International Tea Day” Celebration Begins

Source:MARA Date:2021-02-28

“International Tea Day: Tea and Ambassadors,” an event co-organized by the Agricultural Trade Promotion Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) and Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Zhejiang Province, was launched on Feb. 26. Guang Defu, Permanent Representative of China to the UN Agencies for Food and Agriculture, attended the event and delivered remarks. Ambassadors and envoys of nine countries, including Argentina, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Slovenia and the United Arab Emirates, participated in the event and jointly launched 2021 “International Tea Day" celebrations.

Guang said that the establishment of “International Tea Day” has increased the influence of tea industry and promotes exchanges among different tea cultures. The aroma of tea makes its way into the hearts of people around the world, while tea leaves carry people’s hope for a world of peace and harmony.

During the event, the main venue in Beijing was connected via 5G technology to the venue in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, offering participants a virtual tour of a local ecological tea garden. Alenka Suhadolnik, Ambassador of Slovenia to China, said that the establishment of International Tea Day, proposed by China, is of great significance as it helps bring premium tea to the whole world and conveys the good of life.


In 2019, the 74th United Nations General Assembly designated May 21 as International Tea Day and highlighted tea’s economic, social and cultural significance. MARA is set to organize a series of activities to mark this year’s International Tea Day, including the Tea and Ambassadors event, tea knowledge and stories sharing, tea tourism, and tea cultural heritage promotion, among others. Other venues nationwide will also hold celebrations with different themes, which will create a favorable atmosphere to facilitate rural revitalization, tea culture exchanges, and sustainable development of tea industry.

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