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10th Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Agriculture and Agrarian Development Convenes

Source:MARA Date:2020-09-24


The 10th Meeting of the BRICS Ministers of Agriculture and Agrarian Development was held virtually on Sept. 23, 2020. Minister Han Changfu addressed the meeting. 


Minister Han Changfu shared with BRICS members key measures and experience in combating COVID-19 and maintaining food security in China. He also put forward proposals for enhancing agricultural cooperation among BRICS countries. 


Minister Han Changfu emphasized that China will secure a decisive victory in poverty alleviation in 2020. In the principle of securing steady agricultural production and supply of agricultural products while containing the epidemic, the Chinese Government has taken a range of targeted measures to advance the agricultural operations in due seasons, secure smooth functioning of all agricultural sectors and secure disaster reduction and relief. 


China’s annual grain output is expected to stay above 650 billion kg in 2020. Hundreds of millions of Chinese farmers have recently celebrated the third Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival. Agriculture in China withstood the severe test, and China has ensured the food supply for 1.4 billion Chinese people and is contributing greatly to global food security. 


Minister Han Changfu reiterated that BRICS countries are major producers, traders and consumers of agricultural products in the world. It is imperative to join hands to respond to COVID-19 in a timely manner. To further agricultural cooperation among BRICS countries, he put forward the following proposals:  


Firstly, the BRICS countries will formulate an action plan, identifying the direction for agricultural cooperation in the new era while implementing regular COVID-19 control measures. 


Secondly, the BRICS countries will enhance cooperation in the innovation of agricultural technology, advance agricultural modernization and develop Agricultural Market Information System.  


Thirdly, the BRICS countries will take measures to facilitate agricultural investment and trade, and establish a sound BRICS dialogue mechanism for agricultural investment.    


The virtual meeting was presided over by Dmitry Nikolaevich Patrushev, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. The Joint Declaration of the 10th Meeting of the BRICS Ministers of Agriculture and Agrarian Development was adopted at the end of the meeting.  





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