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MARA Holds Video Conference on Conservation and Utilization of Agricultural Germplasm Resources

Source:MARA Date:2020-07-24


MARA held a video conference on the conservation and utilization of agricultural germplasm resources on July 22, 2020 in Beijing. Vice Minister Zhang Taolin addressed the conference. 


Vice Minister Zhang stressed that agricultural germplasm resources are strategic resources for guaranteeing national food security and effective supply of major agricultural products. It is particularly imperative to conserve and utilize agricultural germplasm resources wisely as China advances high-quality development of agriculture and agricultural modernization. 


Minister Zhang indicated that a series of new crop varieties have been cultivated, and breakthrough has been made in the improvement and extension of some new varieties in China in recent years. More than 95% of crop varieties and more than 70% of core germplasm resources of livestock and poultry are independently cultivated by China. 


Minister Zhang required improvement in the system for and registration of agricultural germplasm resources. 


He also urged competent departments at various levels to implement the guidelines for strengthening the conservation and utilization of agricultural germplasm resources issued by the State Council. Efforts shall be made to step up the collection and conservation for salvage purpose, registration and improvement of data platforms for agricultural germplasm resources. He also called for capacity building for personnel team specializing in the conservation of agricultural germplasm resources.  

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