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MARA Issues National Plan for Rural Industrial Development (2020-2025)

Source:MARA Date:2020-07-18

MARA recently issued the 2020-2025 National Plan for Rural Industrial Development, calling for efforts to accelerate the development of rural industries and lay a solid foundation for modernization of agriculture and rural areas and all-round rural revitalization.

The Plan sets the goals for rural industrial development from 2020 to 2025: by 2025, a complete system of rural industries will have been established, with substantive improvements in quality and effectiveness; the rural employment structure will be more optimized; the channels for increasing farmers' income will be broadened; and the productivity of rural industries will be strengthened constantly. The agricultural product processing industry will achieve a revenue of RMB 32 trillion, and its output value versus that of the entire agricultural sector will reach 2.8:1. Clusters of competitive rural specialty industries valued tens or hundreds of billion yuan will be built up, and agricultural tourism will see a total of over 4 billion visits every year with a revenue of more than RMB 1.2 trillion. The output value of crop production, forestry, livestock and fisheries sectors and their complementary activities will amount to RMB 1 trillion, so will be the online sales of agricultural products. The populatuion returning or moving to rural areas to start up businesses or pursue innovation will exceed 15 million.

The Plan articulates that rural industries should seek integrated development featuring farmer-centered, market-oriented, environment-friendly, and innovation-driven. It aims to boost the growth of the secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas, and provide farmers with more employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, as well as value-added benefits of the industrial chain, by directing more resources to rural areas and accelerating cross-sector allocation of productive factors between agriculture and other modern industries.

The Plan also identifies priorities of rural industries development, including upgrading agricultural product processing industry, expanding rural specialty industries, improving agricultural tourism, developing new-type rural service industries, promoting synergies between vertical integration of agriculture and rural industries developpment, and advancing entrepreneurship and innovation in rural areas.

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