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Weekly Report on Pork Prices

Source:Information Center MARA Date:2020-07-06

During week 27 of 2020 (i.e., June 29-July 3; hereinafter, “this week”), the average pork price index in 16 provincial-level regions jointly tracked by Information Center of MARA and Sublime China Information Co., Ltd. was 47.37 yuan (about $6.74) per kg, up 3.0% month-on-month, 96.4% year-on-year and 3.0% week-on-week.

Nationwide pork prices rose this week compared with last month. Hog and pork prices adjusted this week as pig farms, driven by bullish sentiment, reduced the supply of hogs. Meanwhile, demand for pork, especially high-end pork, from the end consumer market stayed weak.

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