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2022 China and Global Agricultural Policy Forum Held

Source:CAAS, MARA Date:2022-06-30

The 2022 China and Global Agricultural Policy Forum was held in Beijing on June 17, 2022.

Co-organized by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), the Forum focused on the future of global food system and China’s agrifood system. The China Agricultural Sector Development Report 2022 (CASDR) and 2022 Global Food Policy Report were released by the CAAS and IFPRI at the Forum, respectively. 

CAAS President Wu Kongming attended the Forum and delivered remarks. Zhang Hecheng, Secretary of the Leading Party Group of CAAS, attended the Forum. IFPRI Director General Johan Swinnen addressed the Forum via video. 


CAAS President Wu Kongming noted that remarkable results have been achieved in global food and agriculture governance as global agricultural cooperation has been intensifying. China has seen bumper harvests for 18 consecutive years, and the amount of grain per capita is 483 kg, far exceeding the internationally recognized security line of 400 kg.

The world is undergoing profound and complex changes. These once-in-a-century changes along with the pandemic pose daunting challenges to global food security. CAAS will accelerate the establishment of national high-end agricultural think tanks and promote the shift of the supporting role of S&T innovation from merely agriculture to agriculture, rural areas and farmers. CAAS will speed up building integrated R&D systems, and will conduct strategic research on major issues, including work relating to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, agricultural S&T and the reform and development of research institutes.  

Mr. Swinnen said that in the past few years the world has encountered multiple setbacks including the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and regional conflicts. To address these crises, the world urgently needs to transform food system towards sustainable, inclusive and healthy one, and promote new agricultural policies and technological innovation.   

At the Forum, CAAS released the China Agricultural Sector Development Report 2022  which systematically analyzes the risks and resilience of the agrifood system in China at the backdrop of domestic and global trends in the macroeconomy and in agriculture. IFPRI released the 2022 Global Food Policy Report which focuses on how to achieve a safe, nutritious and sustainable food system.  

The release event was broadcast live worldwide in both Chinese and English, attracting more than 50,000 experts and scholars from Chinese agricultural institutions and universities.     

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