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FECC Holds Conference on China-IFAD-Pakistan Agricultural Cooperation Projects

Source:FECC, MARA Date:2021-06-04

The Foreign Economic Cooperation Center (FECC) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held an online conference on triangular agricultural cooperation projects involving China, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Pakistan on May 27. The goal of the conference was to forge consensus and explore mechanisms for cooperation. Attending the conference were representatives from IFAD’s Asia and the Pacific Division, the Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture (IESDA) of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Dayu Irrigation Group (DIG), and FECC’s International Organization Division.


Tian Ya, Regional South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) Manager for IFAD’s Asia and the Pacific Division, briefly introduced the China-IFAD SSTC Facility. He stressed that IFAD focuses on accelerating global poverty reduction, promoting innovation, and facilitating investment and trade in developing countries. IFAD hopes to unlock greater development and cooperation opportunities by conducting demand analysis and carrying out technical cooperation pilot activities in Pakistan, the third largest borrower from IFAD in the Asia and the Pacific region.

The representatives of FECC’s International Organization Division introduced the scope, implementation mode, and desired results of the China–Pakistan projects. The representatives also noted that China hopes to use resources from international financial organizations to share Chinese agricultural development experience and “Chinese solutions” with key countries along the Belt and Road in order to promote the development of the entire agricultural industrial chain in developing countries.

Experts from IESDA and DIG shared their experience on cooperation with Pakistan, analyzed China’s technical advantages in areas related to Pakistani demand, and discussed efficient ways for various stakeholders to jointly undertake China - Pakistan projects.

FECC will focus on Pakistan’s specific requirements and coordinate the efforts of IFAD, the Embassy of Pakistan in China, scientific institutions, the private sector and other stakeholders to conduct joint studies regarding China - Pakistan projects in order to facilitate efficient implementation of those projects.

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