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Ambassador Guang Defu Attends G77 & China Meeting

Source:China Permanent Representation to UN Agencies for Food and Agriculture Date:2021-05-27


The Group of 77 and China (G77 & China)–Rome Chapter held a plenary meeting virtually on May 24. Guang Defu, Permanent Representative of China to the UN Agencies for Food and Agriculture, attended the meeting and participated in discussions on relevant issues. 

Participants discussed key upcoming events, including the 42nd Session of the FAO Conference, the 132nd Session of the IFAD Executive Board, the annual meeting of the WFP Executive Board, and the Pre-Summit for the UN Food Systems Summit in Rome. Ambassador Guang pointed out that the forthcoming 42nd Session of the FAO Conference is the most important meeting of FAO’s governing bodies. The conference will review substantive matters, such as program, budgetary, administrative and financial matters. It will also make appointments and hold elections. Therefore, the full participation of member states, especially the full participation of developing countries, is essential to the success of the conference. China notes that the FAO has made thorough preparations for the conference, and highly commends the FAO’s efficiency and productivity. 

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