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2020 China-CEECs Online Communication of Exchange Program between Young Agricultural Professionals Opens

Source:CICOS Date:2020-09-04

On August 31, the 2020 Online Communication of Exchange Program between Young Agricultural Professionals in China and Central and Eastern European Countries 2020 opened, which is entrusted by the Department of International Cooperation(DIC) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) and hosted by the Center of International Cooperation Service (CICOS). 38 participants from 10 CEE countries, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia gathered online for communication. Counselor Wu Changxue of DIC, MARA delivered an opening speech via video. Deputy Director-General Hong Zhijie of CICOS attended and addressed the opening ceremony.

The 2020 Online Communication of Exchange Program between Young Agricultural Professionals in China and CEE countries opened

Counselor Wu noted that young agricultural talents are of vital importance to agricultural development and food security of China, CEE countries and even the whole world. Revitalizing talents is an integral part of the Chinese government's Rural Revitalization strategy. As an important production and supply base of European agro-products, CEE countries also need a large number of agricultural professionals. In recent years, the Chinese government has carried out many multilateral and bilateral agricultural talents exchange programs which have yielded positive results.

Counselor Wu delivere d an opening speech via video

Deputy Director-General Hong introduced the rich experience of CICOS in implementing exchange programs for young agricultural professionals as well as the arrangements of this online activity. He pointed out that due to the epidemic, offline seminars could not be held this year. He hoped that the participants would take full advantage of this opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

After the opening ceremony, researcher Li Xiande of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences outlined China's agriculture. The participants discussed with the teachers with great interest after class, and the session was highly praised by the participants.

The participants listened with great interest and had a lively discussion

Participants gave a like to the lecture

As part of the "Year of China-CEEC Agricultural Diversity Cooperation", this exchange program aims to promote mutual learning and cooperation between young agricultural professionals in China and CEE countries. Some excellent representatives of young entrepreneurs in this field have been invited to share their experience. CICOS has also invited experts from Beijing Language and Culture University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural Trade Promotion Center of MARA and Beijing University of Agriculture to introduce Chinese culture, agriculture and the development of agricultural trade and markets as well as animal husbandry. These lectures will enable the participants to gain a better understanding of China's agriculture, and exchange ideas on technologies in agricultural production and management, which can help them keep up with the new trends in this field. The exchange program will end on September 22.

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