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Vice premier Hu Chunhua inspects spring farming

Source:Xinhua Date:2023-02-18

ZHENGZHOU, Feb. 17 -- Vice Premier Hu Chunhua has called for a good job to be done in spring farming, with good preparations made on ploughing and sowing, to lay a solid foundation for the year's grain production. 

The vice premier issued the call while visiting Anhui and Henan provinces from Tuesday to Friday, to inspect the wheat fields and learn about the supply of agricultural materials, services on farm machinery and agricultural technologies, meteorological services, and production of vegetables, livestock and poultry. 

The two provinces contribute more than 40 percent of China's winter wheat output, and the current period is a critical one for winter wheat to turn green. 

Hu called for wheat fields to be well cared for, ensuring irrigation and agricultural supplies, guarding against plant diseases and insect pests, and properly dealing with unfavorable weather, as spring farming is essential to the harvest of summer grain crops. 

Given that the spring ploughing and sowing is soon to start across the country, he stressed the need to implement support policies, meet the capital needs for production and foster the enthusiasm of farmers to grow grain. 

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