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MARA Launches Inspection on Plant Quarantine for Nanfan Breeding Bases

Source:MARA Date:2023-02-08


The MARA launched 2022-2023 inspection campaign on plant quarantine for Nanfan breeding bases in Sanya, Hainan Province on Feb. 6, 2023.

The overall arrangements were made for joint inspection for 2023 at a ceremony. A strong team will be established, composed of capable quarantine officers from quarantine agencies of 10 provincial-level administrative regions, including Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and Hubei. The members will be fielded to breeding bases in Sanya, Lingshui and Ledong by sub-groups. They will conduct produced-area quarantine targeting dangerous maize, melon and vegetable pests, risk monitoring and surveillance of maize chlorotic mottle virus and other plant diseases to prevent the diseases from spreading through seed propagation.  

Thanks to joint inspections on quarantine in recent years, production area subject to inspection on quarantine has increased significantly. At present, core production areas have been all under quarantine. The inspection has been rolled out to all registered institutes in the bases. The sample collection and testing rate has increased by more than 50%. The number of registered institutes in the Nanfan bases has enjoyed average annual growth of 13%. The pests-affected area has dropped by 57% in the Nanfan bases.  

More than 50 representatives attended the launch ceremony, including quarantine officers from relevant plant protection and quarantine agencies and the Nanfan Administration of Hainan Province. Since 2019, the MARA has organized annual inspection on plant quarantine three times, dispatching over 300 quarantine officers in 19 sub-groups.   



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