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The International Symposium on Brucellosis Held

Source:MARA Date:2023-01-12

The International Symposium on Brucellosis was held in a hybrid modality on Jan. 10, 2023. Vice Minister Ma Youxiang attended the opening ceremony and delivered remarks.   

Vice Minister Ma pointed out that brucellosis is one of world’s most widespread zoonoses. The Chinese Government has always attached great importance to the control of zoonotic diseases such as brucellosis. By adopting proactive measures and moving forward of critical pass of animal disease surveillance and control, China breaks the chain of transmission of zoonoses at the source. In recent years, China has done the following work: 1) amended and released the Animal Epidemic Prevention Law and the Zoonoses Catalogue, and formulated and released prevention and control plans and a five-year action plan; 2) improved laws and regulations, policies and systems, as well as technical specifications; 3) adopted an integrated approach to establish systems regarding administration, supervision and law enforcement, and technical support; and 4) forcefully implemented compulsory vaccination, monitoring, surveillance and early warning, and quarantine inspection at the place of origin among other key measures. As a result, China has made significant progress in zoonoses control. At present, the spread of brucellosis in China has been tentatively curbed.  

Vice Minister Ma said epidemics respect no boundaries. Therefore, animal disease control requires the cooperation and response of all countries. The Chinese Government is willing to work with the World Health Organization, the FAO, the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) and other international organizations to actively realize “One World, One Health” and enhance international technology exchanges and cooperation, so as to contribute to the global control of brucellosis and other zoonoses. Vice Minister Ma hoped that the Symposium could propel the exchanges on the control and research progress, boost mutual understanding, and promote practical cooperation and control capacity of brucellosis and other zoonoses.

Chief Veterinary Officer Li Jinxiang presided over the opening ceremony. Hirofumi Kugita, WOAH Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific, and Song Junxia, FAO Senior Animal Health Officer, delivered remarks. Experts and scholars from nine countries held in-depth discussions on global brucellosis trends, new diagnostic technologies and vaccine development, immunization and pathogenesis, as well as issues of particular interest, difficulties, and challenges regarding brucellosis control.

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