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ROK Ambassador Visits Exhibition on Agricultural Development Achievements

Source:MARA Date:2022-11-11


The new Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to China Chung Jae-ho led a delegation to the exhibition featuring the achievements of agricultural development over past decade in China at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center on Nov. 9, 2022.     

Ambassador Chung Jae-ho lauded the exhibition, saying the exhibition is very impressive, showing richer achievements in a detailed manner.   

During the visit, Ambassador Chung was briefed about the achievements in and major measures for agricultural development. He discussed with Chinese experts on concepts such as the “greater food approach” and policies such as shared responsibility for food security for both the party and the government heads at various administrative levels, among other topics. He exchanged views on China’s grain self-sufficiency, agricultural mechanization, and maize-soybean strip intercropping technology with Chinese experts.   

At the section presenting “decisive victory in poverty alleviation”, Ambassador Chung showed a strong interest in China’s concept on targeted poverty alleviation. In special, he learnt about measures and practices in detail, such as cooperation between China’s eastern and western regions, poverty reduction through developing local industries, and fielding officials who is tasked with poverty alleviation to poor villages.   

He also shared what he had seen and heard in Xiaogang Village in Anhui Province and Linyi in Shandong Province, and commended relevant policies and practices regarding aligning the efforts to consolidate and expand the achievements in poverty alleviation with the efforts to promote rural revitalization.  

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