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Vice Minister Ma Youxiang Attends G33 Ministerial Meeting During WTO MC12

Source:MARA Date:2022-06-14

Vice Minister Ma Youxiang attended and delivered remarks at the G33 Ministerial Meeting on the sidelines of the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference (WTO MC12) in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 12, 2022.      

The G33 Ministerial Meeting focused on the coordination of positions on issues such as public stockholding for food security purposes (PSH) and the Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM). WTO Director-General Okonjo Iweala addressed the meeting.  

Vice Minister Ma pointed out that over the years, vested interest groups have set up obstacles and unreasonable restrictions for developing members, leading to the lack of progress in WTO agricultural negotiations. Developing members face limited room for agricultural development policy due to weak foundation for agricultural development and low level of domestic support. The primary task in agricultural negotiations is to address the “rule deficit,” give priority to existing mandates and getting agricultural negotiations back on track to achieve success. Developing members should work together for a permanent solution to PSH and make the most of SSM to safeguard security in food production and livelihoods.  

The representative of Indonesia, who is also the G33 coordinator, said members’ demands will be included in the G33 Ministerial Statement, and the G33 will work hand in hand to push for a permanent solution to PSH as early as possible. 

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