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Global Conference on Green Development of Seed Industries Convenes

Source:MARA Date:2021-11-09


The Global Conference on Green Development of Seed Industries, organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), was held virtually on Nov. 5. Zhang Taolin, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, was invited to the conference and delivered a video speech.

Zhang said that China, a major player in agriculture and a large seed consumer, has always attached great importance to the development of seed industries, and has adopted a series of effective measures to promote green development of seed industries and ensure farmers’ access to quality seeds. First, China has strengthened the survey and conservation of germplasm resources. It has continuously improved its conservation system, and its preservation capacity has markedly increased. Second, China has accelerated the development of quality varieties. To date, coverage by improved varieties has reached 96% of crop area. Third, China has improved breeding systems for quality varieties, thus ensuring sufficient supply of quality seeds. Fourth, China has strengthened the rule of law in the seed market, enhanced regulation and law enforcement, and comprehensively improved seed quality. Fifth, China has deepened international cooperation and exchanges, and has actively promoted the global seed trade.

Zhang put forth three proposals: 1) Step up efforts in building international cooperation mechanisms for seed industries, continuously improve global governance of the seed sector, and promote the conservation and utilization of global germplasm resources; 2) Strengthen collaborative breeding at the field level, boost the exchanges of germplasm resources, and help developing countries build technological competence in the seed sector; and 3) Stimulate collaboration among market entities, encourage companies to invest in modern breeding systems, and protect the interests of smallholders.

The FAO Director-General, and agriculture ministers of the United States, South Africa, Egypt, the Netherlands, and Argentina attended the conference.

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