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The Pre-Summit of the UN Food Systems Summit Convenes

Source:MARA Date:2021-07-29


The Pre-Summit of the UN Food Systems Summit was held at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome from July 26 to 28. It took place in a virtual and in-person hybrid format. The event aimed to build consensus on cooperation in food and agriculture, and set the stage for a productive summit in September. Attending the event were 183 ministerial-level representatives from UN member states. The Chinese delegation was led by Zeng Yande, Chief Agronomist of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Zeng said that China has always put food security at the top of its agenda. The hard work led by the Communist Party of China has enabled China to produce enough food for its 1.4 billion people. China continuously increases its food production, promotes green development, improves people’s nutrition and health, and enhances the quality of rural residents’ lives, leading by example in ensuring food security and agricultural development in the world.

Zeng called upon all countries to jointly address challenges and take advantage of the Food Systems Summit to transform the global food and agricultural systems. He called for greater efforts to improve inclusiveness and resilience, focus on key issues, ensure the safety and stability of supply chains, open up wider to the outside world, improve development quality and efficiency by accelerating technological progress, reduce food loss and waste, all in order to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.


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