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China Reaps Bumper Summer Grain Harvest with Record Yield

Source:MARA Date:2021-06-25


Minister Tang Renjian said that China was reaping another bumper summer harvest based on yield statistics gathered from across the country during an inspection trip to Sanhe City, Hebei Province on June 23, 2021. 


This summer grain harvest does not come easily, given a chilly spring, pests and diseases, and stalk lodging, among other challenges. The harvest has laid a solid foundation for ensuring that the total grain output this year would remain at above 650 billion kilograms, thus underpinning economic and social development in China. According to Minister Tang Renjian.    


Minister Tang Renjian attributed the bumper summer harvest to the following elements: 

(1)Strong pro-farm policy support. The Chinese Government introduced a series of enabling policies which spurred the enthusiasm of wheat farmers. The planting area of wheat harvested this summer reversed a declining streak of four consecutive years. 

 (2) High-standard farmland aimed for higher yield. Competent agricultural departments at various levels increased investment in the development of high-standard farmland through multi-channels. In addition, farmland management was strengthened by various forms of technical guidance, including guidance on sound distribution of inputs such as fertilizer and water. Wheat yield hit a record high.   

(3) Control measures against pests and crop diseases. Timely and reinforced efforts were made to prevent pests and crop diseases, in particular Fusarium head blight (FHB) and stripe rust of wheat.   

(4) Mechanized harvest operation. Strengthened technical training on harvester operators yielded sound outcomes, reducing food loss by more than 1 percentage point with the wide adoption of mechanized harvest.  


In addition, favorable weather conditions, including precipitation, soil moisture levels, sunlight and temperatures, contributed to higher wheat yield.  

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