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MARA Sets Priorities for Agricultural Mechanization

Source:MARA Date:2021-04-20

The MARA held a conference to set priorities for agricultural mechanization during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) period and mapped out the priorities in this regard this year in Beijing in mid-April, 2021. Vice Minister Zhang Taolin addressed the conference. 

It is emphasized at the conference that agricultural mechanization is a major avenue towards agricultural modernization in China. In light with the role of farm machinery in facilitating and unblocking agricultural operation to ensure food security, competent departments of agricultural machinery at all levels should take targeted and effective measures to advance modern agriculture and rural revitalization. 

The conference called for strengthening R&D in core technologies and key farming equipment to ensure availability of various farm machines adapted to agricultural operation along the links of various agricultural subsector and in different regions. Agricultural mechanization has a great potential to be tapped in cementing the outcomes of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, particularly in remote, mountainous and economically deprived areas.  

It is required that the development of agricultural mechanization should be integrated with smart technology, modern agriculture facilities and smart agriculture to advance digital rural areas.  

The conference also highlighted other areas where mechanization can play a key role and therefore should be promoted, including breading, soil quality management on farmland, green development, and enforcement of fishing moratorium on the Yangtze waters. 

The conference also made specific arrangements for priorities of agricultural machinery for 2021, including formulating catalogue for much-needed agricultural machines, action plan of agricultural machinery industry for promoting grain production, action plan for food loss reduction in mechanized harvest operation, and schedule of the implementation for the project of subsidies for purchasing agricultural machines.   

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