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MARA to Boost Ag Product Marketing in Urban Areas with Digital Technologies

Source:MARA Date:2021-04-11


The MARA held a video meeting to accelerate the trial of initiative for urban-rural network to facilitate flows of agricultural produce to the cities in Beijing on April 9, 2021. Vice Minister Yu Kangzhen addressed the meeting.   

Since the release of the guidelines and the pilot scheme for the Initiative for urban-rural network to facilitate flows of agricultural produce to the cities, local authorities all various levels have attached great importance to its implementation and taken solid steps to advance it. Steady headways have been made in development models and sound practices, showing robust momentum. 

Attendees stressed that the key to the success of the initiative is to establish a supply chain that adapts to the online sale of agricultural products and to put in place a coordinated feedback mechanism that aligns the market demand and production. Going forward, the MARA will focus on the four areas to empower rural development with digital technologies: 

First, to establish a coordination mechanism for the trial of the initiative to pool the strengths of all relevant departments to advance the trial;   

Second, to motivate enterprises to create a sound market environment and increase investment into the network improvement;  

Third, to cultivate integrated operation of agri-products e-commerce along the industrial chain and to promote its upgrading; and  

Fourth, strengthen supervision and assessment to ensure the completion of the trial with good results and by schedule. 

Some officials from provincial or prefecture-level agricultural competent departments and business representatives shared respective cases and practices at the meeting. 


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