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China to Boost Development of Featured Industries in Rural Areas Lifted out of Poverty

Source:MARA Date:2021-04-10


The MARA held a video conference on the development of featured industries in rural areas lifted out of poverty on April 8, 2021. Vice Minister Liu Huanxin addressed the conference.  

It was stressed that MARA would implement rural revitalization across the board put forth by the State Council of China. To align efforts to consolidate and expand the achievements in poverty alleviation with efforts to promote rural revitalization, MARA will boost self-development and sustaining capacity of featured industries in former designated impoverished counties by the State Council by encouraging innovation, intensifying policy support, improving the industrial chain, and shoring up the weakness.  

The conference emphasized that agricultural development holds the key to poverty elimination and is fundamental to achieving all-round rural revitalization. To this end, China will focus on the following areas: 

- fostering and improving the agricultural industrial chain to drive rural development; 

- Working out a plan for the development of agricultural industries which highlights local strengths and leads to an optimized mix of agricultural sub-sectors; 

- Accelerating rural infrastructure building, particularly high-standard farmland development, transportation facilities, and cold chain logistics; 

- Better dovetailing production with marketing of agri-products, strengthening local brand building; 

- Fostering operating entities and establishing a cooperation mechanism for benefits- sharing among enterprises, cooperatives and smallholder famers; and 

- Enhancing the ranks of agricultural technological professionals, including establishing technical advisors mechanism in targeted counties. 

The conference called for more investment from central government and local governments into the development of local featured industry by grants or agriculture-related funds. Relevant authorities shall put in place microfinance policies for targeted population shrug off poverty. 

The conference briefed the guiding opinions on boosting sustainable development of featured industries in rural areas lifted out of poverty, which was formulated by MARA and other nine competent departments of the State Council of China. 



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