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Vice-Premier Stresses Protecting and Utilizing Livestock and Poultry Germplasm

Source:MARA Date:2021-01-13

Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua learnt about protecting and utilizing livestock and poultry germplasm in Beijing, and attended a symposium with experts on Jan 12. He emphasized that such work should be stepped up, and called for efforts to make technological breakthroughs in the field.

Hu inspected the National Beef Cattle Improvement Cencer and the National Real-Time Monitoring Center for Breeding Cattle at the Institute of Animal Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, where he learnt about research progress in the field and the building of a national gene bank for livestock and poultry genetic resources. He also attended a symposium and listened to the views and suggestions of experts in this field. 

Hu pointed out that improved breed, the basis for the modernization of animal husbandry, is also a weak point China urgently needs to address. Efforts should be made in the following areas: Enhance the investigation and collection of livestock and poultry genetic resources; speed up the building of gene banks as well as conservation farms; strengthen the preservation and in vivo conservation of livestock and poultry genetic resources to realize 100% conservation. 

Hu made three proposals: Further promote independent innovation in livestock and poultry breeding to make breakthroughs in key technologies; give full play to the role of leading enterprises in innovation and deepen integration of academia and industry; establish a sound market-oriented breeding system to improve scientific innovation capabilities and encourage the adoption of such innovations in livestock and poultry breeding.

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