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Chief Agronomist Guang Defu Attends 2020 World Digital Agriculture Conference

Source:MARA Date:2020-12-16


The 2020 World Digital Agriculture Conference and the 19th Guangdong Seed Expo were held in Guangzhou during December 10th-13th, 2020. MARA Chief Agronomist Guang Defu addressed the opening ceremony. 


Chief Agronomist Guang Defu stated that digital agriculture is a crucial manifestation of a country’s agricultural modernization. Over the past few years, the MARA has promoted the application of digital technologies in agriculture and rural development, yielding significant results in digital agriculture, new industries and business models and bridging the urban-rural digital gap. 


He also pointed out that China has made notable achievements in modern seed industry by the implementation of key projects, including plant breeding R&D, genetic improvement, and the cultivation of new varieties, the development of national modern seed industry parks, setting up a fund to promote China’s seed industry and pro-enterprise measures to stimulate R&D and innovation.  


Chief Agronomist Guang Defu called for unleashing the power of digital agriculture and the modern seed industry to boost the high-quality development of agriculture in China by adhering to innovation-driven development and seizing development opportunities brought by the new context of development. 


At the opening ceremony, top ten innovation cases of 2020 world digital agriculture were released, and the 2020 digital agriculture pioneers (enterprises or individuals) were awarded.   

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