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The Sixth National Agro-product Geographical Indications Promotion Convention Convened

Source:MARA Date:2020-11-29

The Sixth National Agro-products Geographical Indications Promotion Convention was held in Chongqing on Nov. 28. Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Yu Kangzhen attended the convention and delivered a speech.


The convention pointed out that promoting Geographical Indications (GI) is of great significance in developing specialty agri-product industries, bolstering rural economy and promoting farming culture. As many as 3,090 agro-products have got GI labels nationwide so far. In particular, since the GI Protection Project was launched two years ago, more than 1.3 billion yuan of special funds have been designated across the country, 443 GI agro-products have received support, and a group of exemplary programs of specialty agri-product industries have been established. These programs, with a focus on promoting GI agro-products development, have integrated the primary, secondary and tertiary industries and highlighted the coordination of production, life and ecological conservation.


The convention reiterated that in the new era, GI agro-products industry should be green-oriented and standard-based, and seek higher level development. First, it is important to promote a number of local specialties with high-quality and unique characteristics. Second, we should push forward standard-based production, improve GI agro-products quality and upgrade the entire industry. Third, we should enhance GI identification and make GI products more recognizable and credible. Fourth, it is important to encourage the whole-process-digitalization and set models for digitalization-led industry upgrading.


The convention was one of the side events of the 18th China International Agricultural Trade Fair. It attracted around 300 participants, including local officials, purchasers, producers, experts and consumers. This year’s exhibition of GI agro-products covered an area of more than 5,000 square meters, showcasing over 500 outstanding GI agro-products.

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