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Workshop on Protecting Aquatic Life in the Yangtze River Held in Guangdong

Source:MARA Date:2020-09-30

A workshop on protecting aquatic life in the Yangtze River was held in Foshan, Guangdong Province recently. Participants discussed several key issues including: implementing the action plan to save rare and endangered species; monitoring aquatic life in the Yangtze River; assessment of the Yangtze River’s index of biological integrity; and the eastward expansion of the no-fishing zone. Yu Kangzhen, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The workshop pointed out that banning and withdrawing from fishing in the Yangtze River are crucial for long-term development and future generations. This work is a major project of historic and symbolic significance to the protection of the “mother” Yangtze River and development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

The workshop also made a few requests, including: 1) accelerate the establishment of the special control area in which fishing will be banned in the Yangtze estuary; 2) put in place a rectification task force and joint law enforcement team targeting the Yangtze estuary; 3) launch a targeted action plan to address illegal fishing in the Yangtze estuary; 4) specify details regarding aquatic life monitoring in the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River’s index of biological integrity, and the action plan to save rare and endangered species. 5) bring together the strengths of the river basin protection center, the species protection alliance and the Yangtze River fishery administration law enforcement fleet.

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