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MARA Holds Video Meeting to Coordinate Fishing Moratorium on Yangtze River, Schedule Fishing Moratorium in the Yangtze River Basin

Source:MARA Date:2020-09-08

The MARA held a video meeting to coordinate the enforcement of fishing ban on the Yangtze River and schedule the fishing moratorium in the Yangtze River Basin on Sept. 8, 2020.  


The meeting aimed to review the progress on the implementation of the fishing moratorium on the Yangtze River and in its basin, and made specific arrangement for the next stage.  


Minister Han Changfu emphasized that relevant measures must be further refined, specific and practical. He urged all relevant agencies involved to press ahead with established targets.  


Minister Han Changfu noted that initial success has been achieved in enforcing the ban and removing fishermen and fishing boats sealing. In addition, progress has been made in the registration for decommissioning of fishing vessels, disposal of certain fishing boats and nets and the redeployment of fishermen to other sectors. He required that effective and targeted measures be introduced, and guidance and inspection be strengthened to handle pronounced problems.  


The meeting called for further efforts to secure new jobs, new housing, compensation and endowment insurance for affected fishermen. The meeting also required competent authorities to strengthen their enforcement capacity.  


Vice Minister Yu Kangzhen chaired the meeting. 

Venue of the Coordination Meeting on Enforcement of Fishing Ban on Yangtze River 

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