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MARA to Step up Efforts to Control Pests

Source:MARA Date:2020-08-21


The national conference on pest control was held in Changsha County, Hunan Province on August 19-20, 2020. The conference analyzed and assessed the possible damage dynamics posed by pests to autumn crops, and made further arrangement for pest control. 

The conference stressed the vital importance of pest control and required that the autumn grain loss caused by the pests be limited below 5% to secure a good harvest this year. 
The conference cautioned against pest invasion of autumn crops this year. In particular, the risk is alarmingly high for pest plague such as rice planthopper and rice leaf folder infestation in the rice-producing areas. These areas include the eastern subregion of Southwest China, south area of the Yangtze River, middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the region between the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River. There is similar concern about fall armyworm infestation in the autumn maize-producing areas in the south and the late-planted maize-growing areas in the north. 
The conference required that pest control measures be put in place urgently, focusing on the following tasks: 
First, agricultural authorities and plant protection institutions at all levels should make pest control top priority. 
Second, greater efforts should be made to strengthen monitoring and investigation to secure timely and accurate forecasting and early warning. 
Third, the role of technical service organizations should be given full play to in organizing pest control activities, formulation of technical plans, centralized preparation supply, pesticides application time and control operation. 
Fourth, supervision over and guidance to the pest control should be beefed up by taking hybrid control measures and practical approaches to control operation. 
The conference required that national regulation on the prevention and control of diseases and pests affecting crops issued this year should be fully implemented. 



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