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Steering Committee for Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival Holds Plenary Session

Source:MARA Date:2020-08-21


The plenary  session of the Steering Committee for the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival was held on August 20, 2020 in Beijing. The Session briefed the preparation for this year’s Festival and made arrangement for key tasks to be completed for the celebration. Vice Minister Yu Kangzhen chaired the meeting and delivered a speech. 

Vice Minister Yu pointed out that, since its launch two years ago, the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival has been warmly welcomed by the farming community, with greater variety of events and wider participation in both urban and rural areas. The theme of this year’s Festival will focus on nationwide poverty-alleviation and rural revitalization strategy.   

Vice Minister Yu required that local organizers should enrich celebration activities and leverage various media channels for promotion. The meeting also called for cultivating festival market, protecting China’s rural cultural diversity and fostering Chinese rural cultural symbols. 

The meeting stressed that the celebration of the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival should be listed on the top agenda for local governments at various levels and local Rural Work Leadership Groups. The meeting also called for successful celebration of the Festival while taking strict COVID-19 control measures. 

Participants to the meeting included MARA Chief Agronomist Guang Defu, MARA Chief Economist Wei Baigang and other officials. 

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