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MARA Holds Coordination Meeting on Enforcement of Fishing Ban on Yangtze River

Source:MARA Date:2020-08-07

MARA organized a coordination meeting on the enforcement of the fishing ban on Yangtze River on August 6, 2020 to review progress in fishing moratorium on the Yangtze River and map out a plan for the next steps. Vice Minister Yu Kangzhen chaired the meeting and delivered a speech. 

The meeting indicated that fishing moratorium on the Yangtze River is faced with multiple difficulties and challenges such as insufficient funding support from local governments, fishermen relocation and employment and weak capacity in enforcement and supervision of local fisheries authorities. The Meeting called for leveraging the role of the inter-agency coordination mechanism to secure pragmatic and strict implementation of fishing-ban related measures in the next phases. 

Priorities were identified for the next phases to ramp up efforts in the enforcement of fishing ban while cushioning the blow to the affected fishermen.

First, the meeting set down indicators for fishing moratorium work, including funding availability and utilization, redeployment of fishermen to other sectors, relocation of fishermen living in islands or beside rivers or lakes previously, supervision and verification.

Second, comprehensive measures should be taken to provide employment assistance and social security to secure the livelihood for the affected fishermen. 

Third, a mechanism should be established for securing the necessary funding for enforcing the fishing moratorium.

Fourth, measures tailored for fishery resources conservation and fishing moratorium shall be more targeted, sound and practical.

Fifth, competent fishery authorities at various levels shall accelerate sealing fishing vessels and gears, and step up efforts in dealing with fishing vessels without inspection certificate, registration certificate, or fishing permit.

Sixth, law enforcement capacity should be further strengthened and a long-term mechanism governing supervision over law enforcement should be improved.

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