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MARA Sends Team to Assist in Yellow-spined Bamboo Locust Control in Yunnan

Source:MARA Date:2020-07-18

MARA sent a working group to Yunnan Province to assist in yellow-spined bamboo locust control on July 16, 2020.  


The working group will work with local agricultural competent authorities to analyze the plague's development trend, and come up with further control plans to bring the plague of insects under control in a timely manner. 


The invasion of the yellow-spined bamboo locust was detected along the border with Phongsali province of Lao’s in the end of June. The locust swarms migrated to Jiangcheng and Mengla Counties of Yunnan Province, affecting a total area of 135,000 mu (9,000 hectares), including 32,000 mu farmland and 103,000 mu woodland.  


MARA urged Yunnan provincial agricultural department to take immediate and effective control measures to curb the damage by the pests. So far, up to 25 groups of drones specifically for plant protection and 2574 sprayers have been put into control operation across the affected area of 135,000 mu, including 35,300 mu farmland. Thanks to the measures taken, the locusts haven't caused serious damage to the crops. 


The yellow-spined bamboo locusts mainly feed on bamboo. Crops like paddy rice, corn and sugarcane are also among their options. They can also be found in Guangxi, Guangdong, Hunan, and Sichuan. Compared with the "desert locusts," they don't migrate a long distance and only breed once a year. 


China has a wealth of experience in bamboo locust control, and the plague is expected to be put under control soon. 


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