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China Starts First Fishing Moratorium on High Seas

Source:MARA Date:2020-07-03

China started piloting its first fishing moratorium which lasts three months on the high seas of the southwestern Atlantic Ocean since July 1, 2020.  


As a creative measure, this voluntary moratorium targets at fishery resources conservation in open waters subject to none of international organizations. It is of great significance to promote science-based conservation and sustainable marine fishery development on high seas. 


Under provisions of the relevant Notice by MARA, the moratorium covers one of China's main squid fishing areas on the high seas between 32 and 44 degrees south latitude, and between 48 and 60 degrees west longitude. During the moratorium, all Chinese fishing boats in the area, including squid angling boats and trawlers, shall suspend fishing operations. MARA will tighten supervision on fishing boats along with other competent authorities during this period. 


For the next step, MARA will establish a data collection system on squid in open waters. The System will serve to monitor the effects of the moratorium, and with the information collected by the System, MARA could evaluate and adjust the moratorium. China will also implement a three-month fishing moratorium on the high seas of the eastern Pacific Ocean since Sept. 1, this year. 

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