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China-FAO SSC Programme Attracts Contribution from Uganda

Source:FECC, MARA Date:2022-07-04

The Ugandan Government has planned to contribute about $9.62million to the latest phase of China-FAO-Uganda South-South Cooperation (SSC) Programme.

This is so far the most significant contribution from a host country under the China-FAO SSC framework, exemplifying China’s success in leveraging financial support and bringing the initiative into full play from a host country through a China-FAO SSC Programme Trust Fund.    


FAO Representative to Uganda Antonio Querido and Uganda’s Finance Minister Matia Kasaijia are signing the agreement in Kampala, capital of Uganda.

Phases I and II of the China-FAO-Uganda SSC Programme were successfully implemented from 2012 to 2014 and 2016 to 2018, respectively. A total of 47 Chinese experts and technicians were deployed in Uganda to carry out SSC projects supported by a contribution of $3.55 million from the China-FAO SSC Programme Trust Fund. The projects brought positive political, economic and social benefits in Uganda, thus earning a letter of appreciation from the Ugandan President. The China-Uganda Agricultural Cooperation Industrial Park under the SSC Programme was listed in the first batch of demonstration bases for international cooperation in agriculture by the MARA, representing a model for China-FAO SSC projects. The China-FAO-Uganda SSC Programme is among the award list of the compilation of case studies under Global Solicitation on Best Poverty Reduction Practices.   


Technology training on integrated rice production and pisciculture     


The China-FAO-Uganda SSC Programme is among the award list of the compilation of best poverty reduction case studies.    

The agreement on Phase III of the China-FAO-Uganda SSC Programme was officially signed on Nov. 26, 2019 during the high-level meeting to mark the 10th anniversary of the China-FAO SSC Programme and will provide nearly $2.39 million through the China-FAO SSC Programme Trust Fund. China will send 10 experts and technicians to Uganda for technical assistance. Based on existing projects, Phase III is expected to deliver an SSC Innovation Center for Agricultural Technology.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China-Uganda diplomatic relations. Phase III of the China-FAO-Uganda SSC Programme is scheduled to be officially launched this year and implemented by MARA Foreign Economic Cooperation Center.  

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