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FECC Holds Work Meeting with CSAM

Source:FECC, MARA Date:2021-05-19

Li Zhiping, Deputy Director-General of the Foreign Economic Cooperation Center (FECC) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, held a work meeting with Li Yutong, Head of the Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization (CSAM) of the United Nations, on May 14. They had in-depth discussions about the 1st World Digital Agriculture Expo (“Digital Expo”), agricultural mechanization, and international cooperation issues. 


Deputy Director-General Li fully recognized CSAM’s role in facilitating international agricultural cooperation, speaking highly of CSAM’s advantages in mobilizing resources, setting up platforms, and carrying out researches. Li introduced FECC’s efforts in helping Chinese agriculture ventures go abroad, and in conducting international agricultural cooperation. She also gave detailed information on the preparations for the Digital Expo and exhibitor recruitment. She said FECC is ready to work with CSAM to hold a successful expo and make it an outstanding event of digital agriculture. 

CSAM's head Li Yutong fully agreed with Deputy Director-General Li. She shared CSAM’s latest developments and future plans to promote modern agricultural machinery, digital agriculture, and youth empowerment, highlighting that digitalization is one of the priorities to develop modern agriculture. She believes that the Digital Expo will not only give digital agribusinesses a platform to enhance investment, cooperation, trade and technological exchanges, but will also empower modern agriculture, advance agricultural and rural modernization, and inject new energy into rural vitalization. 

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