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Ambassador Niu Dun Attends FAO Briefing

Source:China Permanent Representation to UN Agencies for Food and Agriculture Date:2021-04-16


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) held a briefing, “The Food Coalition and its Contributions to the G20”, on April 14. FAO shared with its member states the progress of the Food Coalition, an alliance co-proposed by the FAO and the Italian Government, and its contributions to the Foreign and Development Joint Ministerial Session to be held on June 29. FAO urged its member states to get involved and support the Food Coalition.

Ambassador Niu Dun, Permanent Representative of China to the UN Agencies for Food and Agriculture, attended the briefing and shared his views and suggestions concerning the Food Coalition’s contributions to the G20. He welcomed FAO's important and timely briefing, saying it helped reach a unified understanding, enhance cooperation and respond to common challenges and crises. Ambassador Niu expressed his support for FAO’s proposal to discuss global food security at the G20 summit in Italy, and commended the clear ideas and plans raised by the working group. He also put forth constructive suggestions to the Food Coalition, including establishing an early warning system on agriculture to better prevent disasters and resume production, further promoting agricultural technology extension, and improving the training of farmers to boost productivity and income.

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