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CAAS, CABI Scientists Discuss Further Collaboration

Source:CAAS Date:2021-04-16

The 13th Steering Committee (SC) meeting of the MARA China- Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI) Joint Laboratory for Biosafety and 3rd SC meeting of the MARA China-CABI European Laboratory were held online on April 8, 2021. 

Wu Kongming, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS, MARA) and Peng Tingjun, Deputy Director-General of MARA Department of International Cooperation, attended the meeting.  

The two sides held an in-depth discussion on future strategy and direction of the China-Partnership and exchanged views on future research and key areas by the lab platform.   

Peng pointed out that China, as a CABI member country, would continue participating in and support CABI’s global actions. He proposed that China would further cooperation with CABI on technological innovation, South-South cooperation, and plant protection to promote the green development of global agriculture.  

CAAS Vice President Wu Kongming noted that CABI is one of CAAS’s most important partners in international cooperation and MARA China-CABI Joint Laboratory established in 2008, a sign of sound collaboration, represents a significant innovation and breakthrough in CAAS-CABI collaboration. The CAAS will leverage the role of joint lab to further collaboration in more areas and by more channels and platforms. This kind of collaboration will focus on innovation in agricultural technology to rise up to global challenges in food. 

CABI’s Chief Executive Officer Daniel Elger noted that CABI stands ready to closer partnerships with MARA and CAAS. CABI side will formulate the China-CABI joint action plan guided by a 5-year vision with the CAAS. In addition, CABI will tailor membership benefits for China. 

Attending the meeting were representatives from MARA Department of International Cooperation, MARA Department of Science, Technology and Education, Bureau of International Cooperation and Institute of Plant Protection of CAAS, as well as CABI’s headquarters, its center in Switzerland and its office in China.  


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