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CAAS, CIMMYT Hold Cooperation Dialogue

Source:CAAS Date:2021-03-18

Sun Tan, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), held a video meeting with Martin Kropff, Director General of the International Wheat and Maize Improvement Center (CIMMYT), a member organization of CGIAR, on March 15. The two sides had an in-depth exchange on CGIAR’s integration reform and development strategy, as well as CIMMYT’s development direction and its model for future cooperation with China. 


Kropff briefly introduced CGIAR’s integration reform, including its post-reform management and operation structure and staff composition as well as the design principles for CGIAR initiative projects. He also responded to matters of concern to China.

Sun pointed out that CGIAR reform represents an important transformation that will mobilize and integrate scattered resources and improve the efficiency of the system. He said CAAS will continue to strengthen cooperation with CGIAR, follow up with the CGIAR reform process and adjust the cooperation program accordingly. The two sides should continue to focus on key crop R&D, maintain dialogue and communication on issues of common concern, and carry out scientific research-centered cooperation and exchanges. 

It is believed that the dialogue will help enhance mutual understanding and align the cooperation demand of both sides, which is of great significance to further promote cooperation of mutual benefit. 

Leaders of Department of International Cooperation of CAAS and the CIMMYT China Office attended the meeting. (Correspondent: Zhang Shuang) 

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