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Egyptian Ambassador Visits MARA Foreign Economic Cooperation Center

Source:Foreign Economic Cooperation Center, MARA Date:2021-01-23

Zhang Lubiao, Director-General of the Foreign Economic Cooperation Center (FECC, MARA ) met with Mr. Mohamed Abd El-Sattar Elbadri, Egyptian Ambassador to China in Beijing on Jan. 22, 2021. 



Director-General Zhang Lubiao welcomed Ambassador Elbadri and his delegation. He introduced the main functions and priorities of the FECC, MARA and noted that as the major shepherd for Chinese venturing abroad in agriculture, the FECC has taken concrete measures to encourage Chinese agricultural enterprises to invest overseas and promote multilateral and bilateral agricultural cooperation, achieving positive results.  


Chinese agricultural enterprises value cooperation with Egypt, and have conducted sound cooperation with their Egyptian counterparts in aquaculture and mushroom farming. Zhang expressed appreciation to Ambassador Elbadri for attaching great importance to bilateral cooperation in agriculture. He hoped that China and Egypt would lift the bilateral agricultural cooperation to a higher level by leveraging the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Senegal.   


Ambassador Elbadri expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and highly commended the Belt and Road Initiative. He indicated that greater attention has been paid to the mandate of the FECC after the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Agriculture held at the end of 2020. The Egyptian government attaches great importance to agricultural development and welcomes Chinese companies to invest in Egypt. He also expressed Egypt’s willingness to enhance regular communication with the FECC and boost Chinese investment in agriculture in Egypt.   


Ahmed Tayia, Counsellor of the Egyptian Embassy in China, Mahitab Ibrahim, Egyptian Commercial Counsellor, FECC Deputy Director-General Li Hongtao and officials from relevant divisions of the FECC attended the meeting. 



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